Yoji Ohashi

Research Area

Condensed Matter Theory

  • Superconductivity
  • Superfluidity
  • Bose-Einstein condensation
  • Exciton-Polariton
  • Strongly-correlated

The BCS-BEC crossover in cold Fermi gases is one of the most exciting topics in the current research of physics. This phenomenon enables to study fermion superfluidity and boson superfluidity in a unified manner. Since the maximum Tc observed in the BEC regime of 6Li and 40K Fermi gases reaches about 0.2TF, we might get a hint to realize room temperature superconductivity from superfluid Fermi gases. Our group theoretically studies this exciting topic to clarify superfluid properties of a Fermi superfluid in the wide parameter region from the weak-coupling regime to the strong-coupling limit, including the most interesting BCS-BEC crossover regime.
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